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I have done a lot since the first gigs when I was 14 years old and over the years it have been a lot of people I had the opportunity to work with, find some of them in My Discography.
So Near is my latest album

-76:Friendship Time
-81 Jan Akkerman & Kent Kroon (live at Maria hissen)
-90 Couldn’t hurt (Amigo)
-07 Friendship Time (Mellotronen)
-11 Guitar in me (Sunroof Rec)
-18 So Near (Sunroof Rec)

“Guitarist Kent Kroon has played with a diverse group of artists. From Lill-Babs to Ella Fitzgerald by Cornelis and Jan Akkerman. Makes his solo debut and it is sensational and has already been generated before the invitations to jazz festivals in North America.

Kroon musical atmosphere breathes 80, American west coast and Lee Ritenour liked guitar playing.
Kroon, in whose band, among others, the formidable drummer Per Lindvall included, is possibly not entirely up on Ritenour level game technically, but he has a playfulness and imagination that makes his music live rare and appetizing.

On vinyl length, just over thirty-eight minutes, is twelve songs of which eleven instrumentals, which after a few listenings grows and deepens into a single, harmonious composition.”




Aran Roberto, After Dark, Akkerman Jan, Andreasson Elisabeth, Adolphson Olle,
Adåker Ulf, Andersdotter Bodil, Angeliqa

Brown Ron, Berglund Anders, Boustedt Christer, Berghagen Lasse, Berger John, Bull John, Blomman

Cornelis W, Carola, Callmar Thore, Coltrane Chi, Coltrane Magnum, Cross, Cofi B.Enshill, Cool4cats

Dahlgren Eva, Denander Tommy, Dana, Dr.Alban, Dellert Totte, Don Partridge

Erikson Lena, Eljas Anders, Ehrling Thore, Emelie, Egerbladh Bernt, Egba, Edler Hans, Ellis Tony

Fitzgerald Ella, Friendship Time, Forbes, Furs

Glory, Glenmark Anders, Glenmark Bruno, G:son Billy, Great Expectations, Hallin Per-erik, Hedin Anders,

Horanges, Hemmingson Merit, Hellman, Harmony, Hurricans, Hamilton Zemya,

J:son Lindh, Jannike, Janzon Clas,

Kleerup Andreas, Krantz Leif, Kicks, Leyla K, Ledin Tomas, Lill-babs, Lorena, Logic, Lövgren Anna-Lena, Lindgren Janne, Litteke Sara,

Marklund Hans, Meja, Mange, Montell Maria, Mynta, Meyer Carl, Medusa Eddie, Mattsson Dag, Mattsson Fredrik,

Nilsson Tommy, Nilsson Lisa, Notorius, Neon Rose, Nordgren Jörgen, Nurge Dave, Näslund Totta, Neidemar Ulf,

Ohlson Johnny
Pass Joe, Petterson Oscar, Printz Stina, Parnevik Bosse, Pontare Roger,

Rob`n Raz, Rashid Khalid, Ryde Annelie, Rydh Göran, Rogefeldt Pugh, Stengård Johan, Sändare Kalle, Svenne o Lotta, Surprise Sisters, Shandola, Sanden Molly, Skifs Björn, Strömstedt Niklas,

Thielemans Toots, Tanya, TicTac, Van der Geer Mark

Wells Robert, Woodmen, Wrethammar Sylvia, Wahlgren Pernilla, Wahlgren Kjell, Wire, Wallin Totte,

Åhs Sigrid

TV and Radioshows not included.


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The best way to contact Me is by the form here or thru e-mail kent.kroon@telia.com

Thanks, Kent!

Business contact:

Sunroof Company
Prostvägen 33

Phone: +46 8 608 08 06

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